Laminate Floors

Why Power Dekor Laminate Floors?
Beauty and character
Thanks to the sophisticated combination of precise techniques, practical features and various styles, We laminate floorings last for a long time with timeless beauty and unique character."

Laminate floorings are far more durable than many other types of flooring. Regardless if red wine, shoe paste or nail polish - nothing bothers laminate flooring, even burning cigarettes. Laminate flooring is non-fading, resistant against impact, scratches, abrasion, and hence always beautiful for many years to come.

Wide selection for each level
A variety of attractive decors enables you to realize your individual interior design ideas.
Maintenance free
Thanks to its anti-bacterial technology, We laminate flooring is just need to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust or with a damp cloth for dirt, which offers you a health and comfortable living surroundings.

Environment friendly
Laminate flooring is not only easy to clean and extremely durable, but also environment-friendly. The survey comes to the conclusion that laminate flooring can also be used in sensitive areas like children's rooms or kindergartens.

Fast installation system
Power Dekor laminate floorings come with the revolutionary patented Uniclic® installation system with which you can easily assemble the boards together by yourself, without glue, hammer or blocks, that will enable you to install a floor up to 30% faster than normal locking system, and prevent any gaps and movements after installation.