Wood ViewTM Natural Luster Floors
Natural Luster Laminate Floors

Wood ViewTM Natural Luster

Natural Luster Laminate Floors
The narrow width planks with micro-beveled edges create a sleek and custom hardwood look, and the natural luster finish greatly enhances your lifestyle as beautiful as your décor.
Attached underlayment creates a comfortable environment for your enjoying the tranquility.

Description of Natural Luster Laminate Floors:
Velour surface with natural luster
4 sides micro bevel
Sound absorb technology
Class AC3
Uniclic® Patent License
Color Options for Natural Luster Laminate Floors:
PY9174/PY6174 Noblest Oak
PY9115/PY6115 Brazilian Teak
PY9124/PY6124 Belgian Oak
PY9114/PY6114 Elegant Oak
Y9110/PY6110 Belmont Alder
PY9189/PY6189 Stratford Alder
PY9178/PY6178 Rhine Oak
PY9113/PY6113 Bright Cedrus
PY9185/PY6185 Vintage Cherry
PY9190/PY6190 Cloudy Oak
PY9173/PY6173 Tropical Oak
PY9120/PY6120 Castle Oak
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