Wood NatureTM Natural Embossing Floors
Wood NatureTM Natural Embossing

Wood NatureTM Natural Embossing

Natural Embossing Laminate Floors
Classic and traditional looks in a versatile palette of colors for design flexibility options.
Natural embossing surface enhances the natural look of the designs, which beautifully match any interior.

Description of Natural Embossing Laminate Floors:
Natural embossing surface
Class AC3 / AC4 / AC5
Uniclic® Patent License
Color Options for Natural Embossing Laminate Floors:
PD8215 Komi Teak
PD8285 Brazilian Alder
PD8191 Kiruna Pine
PD8316 Mountain Birch
PD8175 Heidelberg Oak
PD8169 Amorous Oak
PD8180 Pearl Oak
PD8193 Cloudy Ivory
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