Wood NatureTM Fine Texture Floors
Fine Texture V+ Laminate Floors

Wood NatureTM Fine Texture

Fine Texture Laminate Floors
Less is more. Express your individual style with this collection created with realistic textures and colors that make it easy to realize any your decoration conception.

Description of Fine Texture Laminate Floors:
Silky smooth surface with fine texture
Class AC3
Uniclic® Patent License
Color Options for Fine Texture Laminate Floors:
PD7316 Royal Teak
PD7386 Scotland Alder
PD7358 Italian Walnut
PD7275 European Oak
PD7231 Prague Maple
PD7173 Odyssey Oak
PD7272 Natural Oak
PD7216 Canadian Birch
PD7313 Lemoine Chestnut
PD7304 Mountain Beech
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