3 Layer Engineered Hardwood Floors

What is® three-layer engineered hardwood flooring?

3-Layers Engineered Hardwood Flooring
100% Genuine Hardwood

1. The four to six layers of UV-cured acrylic finish are factory-applied and ready to be walked on as soon as the floor is installed.
2. The hardwood top layer is available in many different wood species and patterns.
3. A supporting layer guarantees strength and dimensional stability.
4. Our 15 mm and 7 mm thick products have a backing of pine or spruce, giving added dimensional stability to these floors, which can be installed using the floating method.

The combination of hardwood's natural durability and today's high-performance urethane finishes means hardwood flooring will stand up to the punishment of active families, and still keep its beauty. Many manufacturers offer extra-tough urethane finishes containing aluminum oxide additives applied at the factory. They maintain their luster for years, without the need for waxing or refinishing.


The species natural color and the stain applied to the wood create a wide spectrum of color options. Color may darken or change over time when exposed to direct sunlight. This is especially true for tropical exotics. Your home's lighting also affects the color you see, so be sure to ask for samples to view in your home before making your final selection.

The gloss level of hardwood flooring does not affect its durability or performance, so your choice of high gloss or low gloss is a matter of personal preference. Low gloss floors tend to hide the appearance of minor surface scratches that occur over time. Conversely, higher gloss floors can make scratches look more obvious.

Style and Texture
Whether your taste is rustic, traditional or contemporary, today's hardwood flooring manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles and surface textures to meet your needs. Before making your final selection, explore the many looks available, from a smooth surface that provides a sleek, sophisticated, more contemporary look, to a hand-scraped surface that creates a more rustic and casual look.