LuxuryTM Collection Floors
    1. LuxuryTM Natural Floors - Luxurious wide plank size: 1860x189x15mm
      - 3.3mm thickness of hardwood facing and single strip design
      - Traditional flat surface with natural matt finish ...
    1. LuxuryTM Color Wash Floors - Traditional flat surface with glossy color-wash treatment
      - Square edges and ends for a smooth, seamless installed vision
      - WoodLoc® system – fastest and easiest installation ...

LuxuryTM Collection
3 Layer Engineered Hardwood Floors

The luxurious wide hardwood surface layer in single-strip design is made of natural hardwood, all of the unique features that can only be found in real wood are emphasized, such as knots and variations in colour and grain, to create a natural feeling, and bring the luxury into your room as well.

Choose your floor. Choose your life.