VogueTM 3-Strip Floors
    1. VogueTM Natural Floors Feature an extra feeling with rich colour variation of natural hardwood for a premium visual.
      - Extra wide plank size: 2200x205x15mm
      - 3.3mm thickness of hardwood facing and 3-strip design ...
    1. VogueTM Color Wash Floors Step into a world of refined elegance. The delicate wood grain texture of maple hardwood is highlighted by the Color-Wash process to create a masterful floor fashion.
      - Extra wide plank size: 2200x205x15mm ...

VogueTM 3-Strip
3 Layer Engineered Hardwood Floors

The strips have different lengths and are positioned randomly, which creates a floor with an individual character. They are also graded into several varieties, enabling different floors to have a livelier or more tranquil feel. 3-strip floors, offer a wide range of decorating opportunities to meet various life style.

Built for the style of life