DeluxeTM Collection
Deluxe™ Collection

DeluxeTM Collection

DeluxeTM Collection
Multiply Engineered Hardwood Floors
It is difficult to explain what lures us to the beauty of an exotic hardwood. It is uncommon by nature and visually beautiful. It's like nothing we've ever seen. And while we tend to seek out the things that make us feel luxurious and comfortable at home, exotics offer a little bit of mystery and drama that make a living space uniquely our own.

Features of DeluxeTM Collection Engineered Hardwood Floors:
- Optimum plank size: 910x125x15mm
- 2.0mm thickness of hardwood facing
- Hand-sculpted, or wire-brushed with color-wash
- Beveled edges for added contrast

AP6101 Nerissa Elm
AQ6173 Washed Oak
AP6114 Cologne Elm
AQ6178 Salome Oak
AP6201 Superior Chestnut
AQ6177 Yorkshire Oak
AQ6179 Mocca Oak
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