RusticTM Collection
Rustic™ Collection

RusticTM Collection

RusticTM Collection
Multiply Engineered Hardwood Floors
Recreate the rustic charm of aged hardwoods by offering a variety of surface textures to accent your floor with a custom, hand-crafted look.
The dramatic styling of our selected species of fine hardwoods can perfectly complement the colors and patterns that make up your room.

Features of RusticTM Collection Engineered Hardwood Floors:
- Enhanced plank size: 1060x127x15mm
- 1.8mm thickness of hardwood facing
- Hand-sculpted, or wire-brushed with color-wash
- Beveled edges for added contrast

AP7101 Rocky Hickory
AP7102 Colorado Hickory
AP7201 Carolina Oak
AQ7101 Pecan Hickory
AQ7102 Western Hickory
AQ7201 Rockefeller Red Oak
AN7301 Brooklyn Maple
AM7301 Dhonveli Maple
AN7302 Johnston Red Oak
AP7202 Caribbean Maple
AM7302 Sunset Hickory
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