AntiqueTM Collection
Antique™ Collection

AntiqueTM Collection

AntiqueTM Collection
Multiply Engineered Hardwood Floors
Create visual interest by pairing these multicolor exotic hardwoods with natural or color-wash finish. Eased bold edges create the classical antique looking of a custom hardwood floor, as well as lend understated elegance to your interior spaces. Each plank is enhanced with the processing to emphasize the antique style just like baptized by times.

Features of AntiqueTM Collection Engineered Hardwood Floors:
- Optimum plank size: 910x125x15mm
- 1.2mm thickness of hardwood facing
- Traditional natural smooth surface or color-wash finish
- Eased bold edges for antique looking

AN8114 Classical Elm
AM8116 Rustic Teak
AN8228 Hard Maple
AN8188 African Sapelli
AN8106 Vintage Beech
AN8115 Mountain Birch
AN 8226 Sapindaceae
AN 8219 African Odum
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