Eco-HomeTM 5-layer HDF
Eco-Home™ 5-layer HDF

Eco-HomeTM 5-layer HDF

Eco-HomeTM 5-layer HDF
5-layer HDF (High Density Fibreboard)
A perfect combination of natural elegance of wood and great dimensional stability, guarantees a rich appearance and excellent performance that only the sandwich construction of multiple hardwood and HDF layer can provide. Thanks to its high density and enhanced stability, the unique structure fits for radiant heating whatever system.

Features of Eco-HomeTM 5-layer High Density Fibreboard:
- Economical plank size: 910x125x14mm
- 1.2mm thickness of hardwood facing and single strip design
- Hand-sculpted, wire-brushed or smooth surface optional
- Natural or stain color treatment
- Beveled edges for added contrast
- Fit for radiant heating whatever system
- 5G Loc system – fastest and easiest installation

TS5102 Oak Brest
TG5162 Oak Louvre
TG5161 Maple Buckingham
TS5103 Maple St.Gallen
TS5105 Black Walnut Berne
TG5163 Hickory Malmo
TS5106 Hickory St.George
TS5107 Sapelle Versailles
TS5108 Sapelle Seine
TS5101 Mahogany Lyons
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