Parquet Floors

What is® parquet floor?

Hardwood facing bonded on HDF (high-density fibreboard) core

3-layer structure

① 7 layers of high performance varnish with Matt, Silk or Glossy finish
② A central core of high-density fibreboard (HDF)
③ Backfacing made of unrolled pine
5-layer structure

① Hardwood facing with high performance varnish
② 1st core layer of high density fibreboard (HDF)
③ Solid wood balance layer
④ 2nd core layer of high density fibreboard (HDF)
⑤ Solid wood bottom layer


Parquet flooring is the combination of natural elegance of hardwood and high reliability of HDF core, which guarantees a rich appearance and finish as well as strong durability. Each board is an original and unique both in its appearance and composition.
The expertise that goes into the structure of the different components and the manufacturing process is your guarantee, that you will be satisfied with the quality of the installation, the finish, the ease of maintenance and the durability.