Wood Plastic Skirting
Wood Plastic Skirting

Wood Plastic Skirting

Thanks to the plasticity and represent ability of wood-plastic composite materials, we can provide you a variety of accessories with various patterns and wood grains perfectly matching to your flooring color and style.

Models of Wood-plastic Skirting:
U111 U211 Maple
U112 U212 Rosewood
U113 U213 Elm
U114 U214 Maple
U115 U215 Elm
U116 U216 Walnut
U117 U217 Eucalyptus
U118 U218 Elm
Spec of U1 series: 2000x60x15mm
Spec of U2 series: 2000x80x15mm
A212 Oak
A213 Nanmu
A214 Merbau
A215 Alder
A216 Wenge
A217 Pine
A218 Walnut
Spec of A2 series: 2000x80x15mm
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